Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Terms & Condition
5% Sportsbook Top Up Bonus.
1.     This promotion is open for all member of  MAS888
2.     MAS888 will be giving away 5% bonus for those member top up with MYR 100 & above on MAS888 Sportbook
3.     Bonus will be credited within 15minutes after checking and verification.
4.     Maximum of bonus only up to MYR 998.
5.     Member should fulfill require rollover on sportsbook prior request for withdrawal.
6.     This promotion only available for one-time claims only for each top up.
7.     This promotion is available on selected sportsbook website only.

8.     MAS888 has the right to modify, change or terminated the promotion without prior notice.

1.     此促销开放于所有MAS888用户。
2.     会员必须存入最低MYR100的筹码 于体育博彩户口才可享有此红利。
3.     筹码以及红利存入处理时间介于15分钟。
4.     红利最高数额为MYR 998.
5.     会员必须符合所规定翻倍次数后可以进行提款。
6.     每一次加额只允许获得一次红利奖赏
7.     此促销只限定于本公司所指定的体育博彩网站。
8.     MAS888 有权再没有任何通知会员的情况下更改或终止优惠。

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