Wednesday, 19 March 2014

RM30 Free Bet for New Member

Terms & Condition:

RM30 Free Bet for New Member
1.     This promotion is open for new member of  MAS888
2.     MAS888 will be giving away MYR30 Free Bet to those register the on Sportsbook
3.     Free bet will be credited within 15 minutes after checking and verification of details.
4.     Member should hit up 5 time turnover on Sportsbook prior request for withdrawal
Example:  Free Bet MYR 30
Rollover: MYR30 x 5 Turnover = MYR 150
5.     This promotion is not allowed for multiple accounts, if there is any collusion or usage of multiple account, all free credit will be confiscated.
6.     Members are choosing this promotion will not allow enjoying the 20-30% Welcome Bonus Promotion. This promotion only available for new member & one-time claims only.
7.     This promotion is available on selected sportsbook website only.
8.     MAS888 has the right to modify, change or terminated the promotion without prior notice.
1.     此促销只优惠于 MAS888新注册用户。
2.     MAS888将会存入MYR30 免费筹码于会员新注册的体育博彩户口。
3.     免费筹码的存入必须经过审核,处理时间介于15分钟。
4.     最低翻倍次数为5次才可以进行提款。
例子: 免费 MYR 30
翻倍: MYR30 x 5 次翻倍 = MYR 150
5.     会员不允许使用双重户口享有此促销, 一旦被发现使用双重户口,本公司有权利取消会员所有的红利或奖赏。
6.     选择此促销的会员将无法享有20-30% 首存红利奖赏。此促销属一次性奖励。
7.     此促销只限定于本公司所指定的体育博彩网站。

8.     MAS888 有权再没有任何通知会员的情况下更改或终止优惠。

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